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__setstate__() -- Set the state of the object

src/p/r/Products.AdvancedQuery-3.0.3/Products/AdvancedQuery/eval.py   Products.AdvancedQuery(Download)
    if hasattr(rs, 'asSet'): rs = rs.asSet()
    elif isinstance(rs, IBTree): rs = rs.getTree()
    else: hits = tuple(rs); rs = IISet(); rs.__setstate__((hits,))
  return rs

src/b/t/BTrees-4.0.8/BTrees/tests/testBTrees.py   BTrees(Download)
        bucket7 = IISet()
        bucket7.__setstate__(((7,), bucket11))
        bucket5 = IISet()
        bucket5.__setstate__(((5,), bucket7))
        bucket3 = IISet()
        bucket3.__setstate__(((3,), bucket5))
        bucket1 = IISet()
        bucket1.__setstate__(((1,), bucket3))
        # Build the deepest layers of indirection nodes.