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src/b/t/BTrees-4.0.8/BTrees/tests/testConflict.py   BTrees(Download)
    def testThreeEmptyBucketsNoSegfault(self):
        # Note that the conflict is raised by our C extension, rather than
        # indirectly via the storage, and hence is a more specialized type.
        # This test therefore does not require ZODB.
        from BTrees.Interfaces import BTreesConflictError

src/b/t/BTrees-4.0.8/BTrees/tests/common.py   BTrees(Download)
def _test_merge(o1, o2, o3, expect, message='failed to merge', should_fail=0):
    from BTrees.Interfaces import BTreesConflictError
    s1 = o1.__getstate__()
    s2 = o2.__getstate__()
    s3 = o3.__getstate__()