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Object with methods for merging sets, buckets, and trees.

These methods are supplied in modules that define collection
classes with particular key and value types. The operations apply
only to collections from the same module.  For example, the
IIBTree.union can only be used with IIBTree.IIBTree,
IIBTree.IIBucket, IIBTree.IISet, and IIBTree.IITreeSet.

The implementing module has a value type. The IOBTree and OOBTree
modules have object value type. The IIBTree and OIBTree modules(more...)

src/z/c/zc.catalog-1.6/src/zc/catalog/index.py   zc.catalog(Download)
import persistent
from BTrees import Length
from BTrees.Interfaces import IMerge
from zope import component, interface

src/z/c/zc.catalog-1.6/src/zc/catalog/extentcatalog.py   zc.catalog(Download)
import zope.component
from zope.component.interfaces import IFactory
from BTrees.Interfaces import IMerge
import zc.catalog