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multiunion(seq) -- compute union of a sequence of integer sets.

Each element of seq must be an integer set, or convertible to one
via the set iteration protocol.  The union returned is an IISet.

src/p/l/plonesocial.microblog-0.5.3/plonesocial/microblog/statuscontainer.py   plonesocial.microblog(Download)
        # merge the intersections
        merged_set = LLBTree.multiunion(keyset_uuids)
        return longkeysortreverse(merged_set,
                                  min, max, limit)

src/b/t/BTrees-4.0.8/BTrees/tests/test_LLBTree.py   BTrees(Download)
    def multiunion(self, *args):
        from BTrees.LLBTree import multiunion
        return multiunion(*args)
    def union(self, *args):