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get(key[, default=None]) -> Value for key or default

Return the value or the default if the key is not found.

src/h/o/horae.cache-1.0a1/horae/cache/cache.py   horae.cache(Download)
    def _id(self, name):
        id = _cache_id.get(name, None)
        if id is None:
            id = len(_cache_id)
            _cache_id[name] = id

src/h/o/horae.core-1.0a1/horae/core/utils.py   horae.core(Download)
def findParentByInterface(context, interface, skip=0):
    """ Returns the first found parent of the context implementing the given
        interface, optionally skipping a defined number of matching parents
    id = _cache_id.get((context, interface, skip), _marker)