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src/z/c/zc.relationship-1.1.1/src/zc/relationship/index.py   zc.relationship(Download)
    def __init__(self, attrs, defaultTransitiveQueriesFactory=None,
                 dumpRel=generateToken, loadRel=resolveToken,
                 relFamily=IFBTree, deactivateSets=False):
        self._name_TO_mapping = OOBTree.BTree()
        # held mappings are objtoken to (relcount, relset)
        self._EMPTY_name_TO_relcount_relset = OOBTree.BTree()
        self._reltoken_name_TO_objtokenset = OOBTree.BTree()

src/z/c/zc.relationship-1.1.1/src/zc/relationship/__init__.py   zc.relationship(Download)
# A tiny monkey patch due to some re-organization of future BTree modules
    from BTrees.OOBTree import BTree
except ImportError:
    import BTrees.OOBTree