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items([min, max]) -> -- list of key, value pairs

Returns the items of the BTree.  If min and max are supplied, only
items with keys greater than min and less than max are returned.

src/e/r/erp5-HEAD/product/ERP5Type/patches/BTreeFolder2.py   erp5(Download)
                    "Missing value for key: %s" % repr(key))
        for key, object in self._tree.items():
            meta_type = getattr(object, 'meta_type', None)
            if meta_type is not None:
              if not self._mt_index.has_key(meta_type):
                  raise AssertionError(
                      "Missing meta_type index for key: %s" % repr(key))
        for key, value in self._mt_index.items():
            self._tree = OOBTree(self._tree)
            mt_index = OOBTree()
            for id, object in self._tree.items():
              # Update the meta type index.
              meta_type = getattr(object, 'meta_type', None)

src/z/o/zodbbrowser-0.11.0/src/zodbbrowser/btreesupport.py   zodbbrowser(Download)
        self._items = list(self.btree.items())
        self._dict = dict(self.btree)

src/p/r/Products.AdvancedQuery-3.0.3/Products/AdvancedQuery/sorting.py   Products.AdvancedQuery(Download)
        if l is None: l = m[k] = IITreeSet()
      items = m.items()
      if sortReverse: items = list(items); items.reverse()
      for i in items: yield i

src/s/p/spambayes-1.1b1/pspam/pspam/profile.py   spambayes(Download)
    def iteritems(self):
        return self.items()
class WordInfo(Persistent):

src/z/o/ZODB-4.0.0/src/ZODB/fsIndex.py   ZODB(Download)
        self._data = OOBTree([
            (ensure_bytes(k), v)
            for (k, v) in self._data.items()

src/z/o/ZODB-HEAD/src/ZODB/fsIndex.py   ZODB(Download)
        self._data = OOBTree([
            (ensure_bytes(k), v)
            for (k, v) in self._data.items()