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src/s/u/substanced-HEAD/substanced/objectmap/evolve.py   substanced(Download)
def oobtreeify_referencemap(root): # pragma: no cover
    objectmap = root.__objectmap__
    refmap = objectmap.referencemap.refmap
    for k, refset in refmap.items():
        refset.src2target = BTrees.family64.OO.BTree(refset.src2target)
        refset.target2src = BTrees.family64.OO.BTree(refset.target2src)

src/s/u/substanced-HEAD/substanced/evolution/__init__.py   substanced(Download)
            # we must commit here in order for this method to always
            # return the same object
            finished_steps = family64.OO.BTree()
            zodb_root[FINISHED_KEY] = finished_steps