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Return id(obj) as a non-negative integer.

        def positive_id(obj): #pragma NO COVER
    """Return id(obj) as a non-negative integer."""
    return non_negative(id(obj))

src/b/t/BTrees-4.0.8/BTrees/check.py   BTrees(Download)
from BTrees.OOBTree import OOBTreePy, OOBucketPy, OOSetPy, OOTreeSetPy
from BTrees.utils import positive_id
from BTrees.utils import oid_repr
        oid = 'None'
    return "%s (0x%x oid=%s)" % (type(obj).__name__, positive_id(obj), oid)
# Walker implements a depth-first search of a BTree (or TreeSet or Set or