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        def BapParser(filename):
    openf = open(filename)
    size = "DWORD" #size of address
    r = []
    for dins in load(openf):
      if ('label_stmt' in dins):
        if 'label' in dins['label_stmt']:
          label = dins['label_stmt']['label']
          if 'name' in label:
            r.append(AddrOp(label['name'], size))
            r.append(AddrOp(hex(int(label['addr'])), size))
    return r

src/s/e/SEA-HEAD/src/core/__init__.py   SEA(Download)
from Lattice    import *
from Reil       import ReilParser#, ReilInstruction
from Bap        import BapParser#, BapInstruction
ReilProgram = lambda trace_filename: Program(trace_filename,ReilParser)