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src/p/y/pympris-1.4/pympris/Player.py   pympris(Download)
    def PlaybackStatus(self):
        """The current playback status.
        May be "Playing", "Paused" or "Stopped".
        return self.get('PlaybackStatus')
            "Playlist" if the playback loops through a list of tracks
        return self.get('LoopStatus')
    def Rate(self):
        """The current playback rate."""
        return self.get('Rate')
        is progressing through a playlist in some other order.
        return self.get('Shuffle')
    def Metadata(self):
        """The metadata of the current element."""
        return self.get('Metadata')

src/p/y/pympris-1.4/pympris/Root.py   pympris(Download)
        to quit (although it may still be prevented from quitting by the user,
        for example)."""
        return self.get('CanQuit')
        to fulfil the request, in which case attempting to set this property
        will have no effect (but should not raise an error)."""
        return self.get('Fullscreen')
        If the media player knows in advance that it will not be able
        to fulfil the request, however, this property should be false."""
        return self.get('CanSetFullscreen')
        although it may be prevented from doing so
        (by the window manager, for example). """
        return self.get('CanRaise')
    def HasTrackList(self):
        """Indicates whether the /org/mpris/MediaPlayer2 object
        implements the org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.TrackList interface."""
        return self.get('HasTrackList')

src/p/y/pympris-1.4/pympris/PlayLists.py   pympris(Download)
    def PlaylistCount(self):
        """The number of playlists available."""
        return self.get('PlaylistCount')
    def Orderings(self):
        """The available orderings. At least one must be offered."""
        return self.get('Orderings')
    def ActivePlaylist(self):
        """The currently-active playlist."""
        valid, info = tuple(self.get('ActivePlaylist'))
        if valid:
            return info

src/p/y/pympris-1.4/pympris/TrackList.py   pympris(Download)
    def Tracks(self):
        """Returns an list which contains the identifier of each track
        in the tracklist, in order."""
        return self.get('Tracks')
    def CanEditTracks(self):
        """If false, calling AddTrack or RemoveTrack will have no effect,
        and may raise a NotSupported error."""
        return self.get('CanEditTracks')