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Returns a cryptographic hash of all data in data. Any piece of data
encoded into an address which must remain inviolate should be hashed,
so that when the address is reversed, we can check that this data has
not been tampered with. You must provide at least one piece of data
to this method (otherwise this system is both cryptographically weak
and there may be collision problems with sender addresses).

src/p/y/pysrs-0.30.11/SRS/Shortcut.py   pysrs(Download)
    timestamp = self.timestamp_create()
    hash = self.hash_create(timestamp, sendhost, senduser)
    if sendhost == srshost:

src/p/y/pysrs-0.30.11/SRS/DB.py   pysrs(Download)
    # We rely on not getting collisions in this hash.
    hash = self.hash_create(sendhost,senduser)
    self.dbm[hash] = data