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Verify that data has not been tampered with, given the cryptographic
hash previously output by srs->hash_create(). Returns True or False.
All known secrets are tried in order to see if the hash was created
with an old secret.

src/p/y/pysrs-0.30.11/SRS/Shortcut.py   pysrs(Download)
      sendhost = srshost
    # Again, this must match as above.
    assert self.hash_verify(hash,timestamp,sendhost,senduser), "Invalid hash"
    assert self.timestamp_check(timestamp), "Invalid timestamp"

src/p/y/pysrs-0.30.11/SRS/DB.py   pysrs(Download)
    ts,sendhost,senduser = loads(data)
    assert self.hash_verify(hash,sendhost,senduser), "Invalid hash"
    assert self.time_check(ts), "Invalid timestamp"