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Return True if a timestamp is valid, False otherwise. There are 4096
possible timestamps, used in a cycle. At any time, $srs->{MaxAge}
timestamps in this cycle are valid, the last one being today. A
timestamp from the future is not valid, neither is a timestamp from
too far into the past. Of course if you go far enough into the future,
the cycle wraps around, and there are valid timestamps again, but the
likelihood of a random timestamp being valid is 4096/$srs->{MaxAge},
which is usually quite small: 1 in 132 by default.

src/p/y/pysrs-0.30.11/SRS/Shortcut.py   pysrs(Download)
    assert self.hash_verify(hash,timestamp,sendhost,senduser), "Invalid hash"
    assert self.timestamp_check(timestamp), "Invalid timestamp"
    return sendhost,senduser