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timestamp = srs.timestamp_create(time)

Return a two character timestamp representing 'today', or time if
given. time is a Unix timestamp (seconds since the aeon).

This Python function has been designed to be agnostic as to base,
and in practice, base32 is used since it can be reversed even if a
remote MTA smashes case (in violation of RFC2821 section 2.4). The
agnosticism means that the Python uses division instead of rightshift,
but in Python that doesn't matter. C implementors should implement this(more...)

src/p/y/pysrs-0.30.11/SRS/Shortcut.py   pysrs(Download)
	sendhost,senduser = senduser.split(SRS.SRSSEP,5)[-2:]
    timestamp = self.timestamp_create()
    hash = self.hash_create(timestamp, sendhost, senduser)