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src/o/f/offlineimap-6.5.5-rc2/offlineimap/folder/IMAP.py   offlineimap(Download)
                    raise OfflineImapError("SEARCH in folder [%s]%s failed. "
                        "Search string was '%s'. Server responded '[%s] %s'" % (
                            self.getrepository(), self,
                            search_cond, res_type, res_data),
                raise OfflineImapError("FETCHING UIDs in folder [%s]%s failed. "
                                       "Server responded '[%s] %s'" % (
                            self.getrepository(), self,
                            res_type, response),
                severity = OfflineImapError.ERROR.MESSAGE
                reason = "IMAP server '%s' failed to fetch message UID '%d'."\
                    "Server responded: %s %s" % (self.getrepository(), uid,
                                                 res_type, data)
                if data == [None]:
                    #IMAP server did not find a message with this UID
                    reason = "IMAP server '%s' does not have a message "\
                             "with UID '%s'" % (self.getrepository(), uid)
                              "repository '%s' failed (abort). Server reponded: %s\n"
                              "Message content was: %s" %
                              (self, self.getrepository(), str(e), dbg_output),
                    self.ui.error(e, exc_info()[2])