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src/s/a/SAPO-Broker-0.0.2/src/Broker/Transport/INET.py   SAPO-Broker(Download)
from Base import Transport as BaseTransport, Message
import socket
import logging
LOG = logging.getLogger('Broker.Transport.INET')
    def receive(self):
        meta = Message.meta_from_header(self.__read_len(8))
        #TODO Maybe msg_length should be limited in order to prevent memory exhaustion
        payload = self.__read_len(meta['length'])
        return Message(payload=payload, encoding_type=meta['type'], encoding_version=meta['version'])

src/s/a/SAPO-Broker-0.0.2/src/Broker/Transport/__init__.py   SAPO-Broker(Download)
from TCP import Transport as TCP
from UDP import Transport as UDP
from HTTP import Transport as HTTP
from DropBox import Transport as DropBox
from Base import Message