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Process the string returned by tagged values.

* python: prefixes a python expression
* string: prefixes a string
* fallback to default, which is string, if asString isnt set to False

src/a/r/archgenxml-2.6/src/archgenxml/WorkflowGenerator.py   archgenxml(Download)
    def getAllPermissionNames(self, statemachine):
        wi = WorkflowInfo
        source_pdefs = statemachine.getAllPermissionNames()
        result_pdefs = [self.processExpression(pdef, asString=False)
                        for pdef in source_pdefs]

src/a/r/archgenxml-2.6/src/archgenxml/ArchetypesGenerator.py   archgenxml(Download)
        cpfromoption = self.getOption('creation_permission', element, None)
        if cpfromoption:
            creation_permission = self.processExpression(cpfromoption)
        crfromoption = self.getOption('creation_roles', element, None)
        if crfromoption:
            creation_roles = self.processExpression(crfromoption)
            cpfromtgv = element.getTaggedValue('creation_permission', None)
            if cpfromtgv:
                creation_permission= self.processExpression(cpfromtgv)
            crfromtgv = element.getTaggedValue('creation_roles', None)
            if crfromtgv:
                creation_roles= self.processExpression(crfromtgv)