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Package for working with phylogenetic trees.

See also: http://biopython.org/wiki/Phylo

src/p/h/phyloGenerator-HEAD/phyloGenerator.py   phyloGenerator(Download)
import os #Remove temporary files
import re #Search for files to delete
from Bio import Phylo #Load constructed phylogeny
from Bio.Data import CodonTable #Codon positions for trimming sequences
import time #For waiting between sequence downloads

src/f/a/fammer-0.2/fammerlib/cluster.py   fammer(Download)
from cStringIO import StringIO
from Bio import AlignIO, SeqIO, Phylo
from Bio.Phylo.BaseTree import BranchColor
from Bio.Graphics.ColorSpiral import ColorSpiral

src/c/l/CladeCompare-0.2/cladecomparelib/ancestrallrt.py   CladeCompare(Download)
from cogent.maths import stats
from Bio import AlignIO, Phylo

src/t/a/taxtastic-0.5.2/taxtastic/refpkg.py   taxtastic(Download)
import warnings
import Bio.Phylo
import Bio.SeqIO
import contextlib

src/r/a/ragout-0.2b/ragout/breakpoint_graph/phylogeny.py   ragout(Download)
    from io import StringIO
from Bio import Phylo

src/r/a/ragout-0.2b/scripts/debug-report.py   ragout(Download)
import networkx as nx
import pylab
from Bio import Phylo
from cStringIO import StringIO

src/m/a/Mapp-0.1.0/mapp/utils/treeconverter.py   Mapp(Download)
import argparse
from Bio import Phylo
if __name__ == '__main__':

src/f/f/FFPopSim-2.0/src/python/FFPopSim.py   FFPopSim(Download)
        from cStringIO import StringIO
        from Bio import Phylo
        treedata = self.print_newick()

src/b/i/biopython-HEAD/Tests/test_TreeConstruction.py   biopython(Download)
#from Bio._py3k import StringIO
from Bio import AlignIO
from Bio import Phylo
from Bio.Phylo import BaseTree
from Bio.Phylo import TreeConstruction

src/b/i/biopython-HEAD/Tests/test_raxml_tool.py   biopython(Download)
import unittest
from Bio import Phylo
from Bio.Phylo.Applications import RaxmlCommandline
from Bio import MissingExternalDependencyError

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