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unicode(object='') -> unicode object
unicode(string[, encoding[, errors]]) -> unicode object

Create a new Unicode object from the given encoded string.
encoding defaults to the current default string encoding.
errors can be 'strict', 'replace' or 'ignore' and defaults to 'strict'.

src/b/i/Bio_Eutils-1.63/Bio_Eutils/Entrez/Parser.py   Bio_Eutils(Download)
from Bio_Eutils._py3k import urlopen as _urlopen
from Bio_Eutils._py3k import urlparse as _urlparse
from Bio_Eutils._py3k import unicode
# The following four classes are used to add a member .attributes to integers,
class UnicodeElement(unicode):
    def __repr__(self):
        text = unicode.__repr__(self)
            attributes = self.attributes