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src/b/i/biskit-2.4/Biskit/MatrixPlot.py   biskit(Download)
import numpy.oldnumeric as N
from Biskit import ColorSpectrum, EHandler
import Biskit.tools as T
        if vmax is None:
            vmax = N.amax( matrix )
        self.palette = ColorSpectrum( palette, vmin=vmin, vmax=vmax )
        self.matrix = self.palette.color_array( matrix, resetLimits=0 )

src/b/i/biskit-2.4/Biskit/Ramachandran.py   biskit(Download)
from Biskit import ColorSpectrum as CS
from Biskit.MatrixPlot import Legend
from Biskit.PDBDope import PDBDope 
        ## calculate colors and create a legend if a property is given
        if self.profileName:
            palette = CS('plasma', 0, 100)
            col     = palette.color_array( self.prof )