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src/b/i/biskit-2.4/Biskit/residue.py   biskit(Download)
        positions = {}
        for i,n in enumerate(names):
            T.dictAdd( positions, n, i, forceList=True )
        ## create new list of alternate codes

src/b/i/biskit-2.4/Biskit/Dock/ComplexList.py   biskit(Download)
        result = {}
        for c in self:
            t.dictAdd( result, c.info[infoKey], c )
        return result

src/b/i/biskit-2.4/Biskit/BisList.py   biskit(Download)
        result = {}
        for i in range( len(self)):
            t.dictAdd( result, self.getValue( i, key), self[i] )
        return result