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        def print_announcelist_details():
    print ('    announce_list = optional list of redundant/backup tracker URLs, in the format:')
    print ('           url[,url...][|url[,url...]...]')
    print ('                where URLs separated by commas are all tried first')
    print ('                before the next group of URLs separated by the pipe is checked.')
    print ("                If none is given, it is assumed you don't want one in the metafile.")
    print ('                If announce_list is given, clients which support it')
    print ('                will ignore the  value.')
    print ('           Examples:')
    print ('                http://tracker1.com|http://tracker2.com|http://tracker3.com')
    print ('                     (tries trackers 1-3 in order)')
    print ('                http://tracker1.com,http://tracker2.com,http://tracker3.com')
    print ('                     (tries trackers 1-3 in a randomly selected order)')
    print ('                http://tracker1.com|http://backup1.com,http://backup2.com')
    print ('                     (tries tracker 1 first, then tries between the 2 backups randomly)')
    print ('')
    print ('    httpseeds = optional list of http-seed URLs, in the format:')
    print ('            url[|url...]')

src/f/r/FriendlyTorrent-HEAD/src/tornado/btmakemetafile.py   FriendlyTorrent(Download)
from os.path import split
assert version >= '2', "Install Python 2.0 or greater"
from BitTornado.BT1.makemetafile import make_meta_file, defaults, print_announcelist_details
from BitTornado.parseargs import parseargs, formatDefinitions
    print formatDefinitions(defaults, 80)
    print ('')