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BTTree - Recursive data structure that tracks the total size of a
file or directory, which can then be used to create torrent files.

BTTree attributes
    str      loc    Location of source file/directory
    str[]    path   Path
    BTTree[] subs   List of direct children (empty, if a file)
    int      size   Total size of subfiles (or self, if a file)

src/b/i/BitTornado-HEAD/BitTornado/BT1/makemetafile.py   BitTornado(Download)
#pylint: disable=W0102,C0103
import os
import threading
from traceback import print_exc
from BitTornado.BTTree import BTTree
        flag = threading.Event()
    tree = BTTree(loc, [])
    # Extract target from parameters
             if (fname + ext) not in files and not fname.endswith(ext)]
    trees = [BTTree(loc, []) for loc in togen]
    def subprog(update, subtotal=[0], total=sum(tree.size for tree in trees),