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src/p/y/PyPRP-HEAD/PyPRP/prp_MatClasses.py   PyPRP(Download)
            self.fOpacityCtl = prp_AnimClasses.PrpController(0x8000, self.getVersion())
        if (Ipo.MA_R in ipo) or (Ipo.MA_G in ipo) or (Ipo.MA_B in ipo):
            # if the material color is animated, then we change the colors that control sets (preshade and runtime)
            compoundController = prp_AnimClasses.PrpController(0x023A, self.getVersion()) #plCompoundPosController
                endFrame = controller.export_curve(curve, endFrame)
                compoundController.data.fXController = controller
            if (Ipo.MA_G in ipo):
                curve = ipo[Ipo.MA_G]
                controller = prp_AnimClasses.plScalarController()

src/b/l/blender_nif_plugin-HEAD/todo/old_tests/runtest_mw_controller.py   blender_nif_plugin(Download)
        b_ipo = b_matcolorctrl.getData(mesh=1).materials[0].ipo
        for b_channel in (
            Blender.Ipo.MA_R, Blender.Ipo.MA_G, Blender.Ipo.MA_B):
            b_curve = b_ipo[b_channel]