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src/b/l/Blender-Exporter-HEAD/org.xml3d.exporter.blender/src/2.49/xml3d_exporter.py   Blender-Exporter(Download)
        for meshName in Blender.NMesh.GetNames():
            if meshName.startswith(temp_mesh_name):
                tempMesh = Mesh.Get(meshName)
                if not tempMesh.users:
                    containerMesh = tempMesh

src/p/y/PyPRP-HEAD/PyPRP/prp_Wizards.py   PyPRP(Download)
            elif obj_type == 'Mesh':
                if alctype != "region" and alctype != "svconvex" and alctype != "collider" and alctype != "book" and alctype != "page":
                    mesh = Blender.Mesh.Get(obj.data.name)
                    lightName = None
                # Create the light group
                print "Creating light group for object",obj.name
                mesh = Blender.Mesh.Get(obj.data.name)
                mat = mesh.materials[0]
                lightGroup = Blender.Group.New(str(mat.name))
            print " is mesh"
            mesh = Blender.Mesh.Get(obj.data.name)
                p = obj.getProperty("type")

src/p/y/PyPRP-HEAD/PyPRP/prp_MatClasses.py   PyPRP(Download)
                    # retrieve the corresponding mesh
                    meshName = obj.data.name
                    mesh = Mesh.Get(meshName)