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src/p/y/PyPRP-HEAD/PyPRP/prp_Wizards.py   PyPRP(Download)
        except NameError:
            text = Blender.Text.New("Compatibility Report")
        text.write("PyPRP 1.5 to 1.6 Compatibility Report\n\n\n")
        Blender.Draw.PupMenu("Open a text editor window to review %d notes in text block \"Compatibility Report\"." % count)

src/b/l/blender_nif_plugin-HEAD/todo/utilities/object_niftools_save_bone_pose.py   blender_nif_plugin(Download)
                                            row[0], row[1], row[2], row[3])
        # matrixtxt[1:] discards the first semi-colon
        posetxt.write("%s/%s\n" % (bonename, matrixtxt[1:]))
    # report finish and timing

src/b/l/blender_nif_plugin-HEAD/todo/old_tests/runtest_varia.py   blender_nif_plugin(Download)
        except NameError:
            animtxt = Blender.Text.New("Anim")
        animtxt.write("%i/Idle: Start/Idle: Loop Start\n"
                      "%i/Idle: Loop Stop/Idle: Stop"
                      % (-1000000, 1000000))