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src/p/y/PyPRP-HEAD/PyPRP/prp_SndClasses.py   PyPRP(Download)
    def getFullFileName(self, filename):
        fullFileName = Blender.sys.expandpath(filename)
        if not Blender.sys.exists(fullFileName):
            # Try the sound directory
            baseFilename = Blender.sys.basename(filename)
            fullFileName = Blender.Get('soundsdir') + Blender.sys.sep + baseFilename
            if not Blender.sys.exists(fullFileName):
                blendfile = Blender.Get('filename')
                fullFileName = Blender.sys.dirname(blendfile) + Blender.sys.sep + baseFilename
                if not Blender.sys.exists(fullFileName):
                    fullFileName = None
        return fullFileName

src/b/l/blender-smooth-slides-HEAD/odp_importer.py   blender-smooth-slides(Download)
			parser.error("You must provide JUST ONE filename")
		if Blender.sys.exists(prog_args[0]) != 1:
			parser.error("File '%s' does not exist or is not a file" % (prog_args[0]))