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src/a/m/amitools-HEAD/amitools/fs/validate/DirScan.py   amitools(Download)
    # check type of entry block
    b_type = blk_info.blk_type
    if b_type not in (BlockScan.BT_DIR, BlockScan.BT_FILE_HDR):
      self.log.msg(Log.ERROR, "invalid block terminates chain #%d of dir '%s' (%d)" % (hash_val, dir_name, dir_blk_num), blk_num)
      dce.end = True
    if blk_type == BlockScan.BT_DIR:
      dce.sub = self.scan_dir(blk_info, progress)
    elif blk_type == BlockScan.BT_FILE_HDR: