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src/j/e/jeeves-HEAD/test/gallery/battleship/testBattleship.py   jeeves(Download)
from Battleship import Game
from Board import Board
from Bomb import Bomb
from GameContext import GameContext
from GamePiece import Carrier, Battleship, Cruiser, Destroyer, Submarine, NoShip
    self.alice = User(0, "Alice")
    self.aliceBoard = Board(self.alice)
    self.aliceBomb = Bomb(self.alice)
    self.bob = User(1, "Bob")
    self.bobBoard = Board(self.bob)
    self.bobBomb = Bomb(self.bob)

src/j/e/jeeves-HEAD/test/gallery/battleship/Board.py   jeeves(Download)
Defines a battleship game board.
import JeevesLib
from Bomb import Bomb
  def placeBomb(self, ctxt, x, y):
    if x < self.boardSize and y < self.boardSize:
      boardShip = self.board[x][y].getShip()
      bomb = Bomb(ctxt.user)
      bombedPoint = self.board[x][y].bomb(ctxt, bomb)

src/j/e/jeeves-HEAD/test/gallery/battleship/Battleship.py   jeeves(Download)
import JeevesLib
import Board
from Bomb import Bomb
from sourcetrans.macro_module import macros, jeeves