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src/e/d/edna-HEAD/diffractionCTv1/plugins/EDPluginDCTWriteSinogram-v1.0/plugins/EDPluginDCTWriteSinogramv1_0.py   edna(Download)
from XSDataCommon           import  XSDataFile, XSDataString
from CIFfile                import  CIF
from Borg2DImageWriter      import  Borg2DImageWriter
import time                 as      PyTime
import os                   as      PyOs
        EDVerbose.DEBUG("*** EDPluginDCTWriteSinogramv1_0.process")
        if (self.m_cifPowderData is not None):
            borg2DImageWriter = Borg2DImageWriter()
            EDVerbose.DEBUG("Now generation of the Sinograms, Path:  %s, pixel position= %i,%i" % (self.pystrPathToSinogramsDir, self.pyintXpos , self.pyintYpos))
            for pystrSinogramFullPath in self.pydProcessSinograms: