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src/b/r/BreakfastSerial-HEAD/examples/light_switch.py   BreakfastSerial(Download)
led wired to pin 13.
from BreakfastSerial import Arduino, Led, Button
board = Arduino()
button = Button(board, 8)

src/b/r/BreakfastSerial-HEAD/examples/button.py   BreakfastSerial(Download)
button wired up to pin 8.
from BreakfastSerial import Button, Arduino
board = Arduino()
button = Button(board, 8)

src/t/x/txtduino-HEAD/txtduino.py   txtduino(Download)
import settings
import sys
from BreakfastSerial import Led, Arduino, Button
from twilio import TwilioRestException
led = Led(board, LED_PIN)
button = Button(board, BUTTON_PIN)
msg_sent = False