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src/b/r/brewpi-script-HEAD/brewpi.py   brewpi-script(Download)
if not configFile:
    configFile = util.addSlash(sys.path[0]) + 'settings/config.cfg'
config = util.readCfgWithDefaults(configFile)
if logToFiles:
    logPath = util.addSlash(config['scriptPath']) + 'logs/'
    print logPath
    logMessage("Redirecting output to log files in %s, output will not be shown in console" % logPath)
def changeWwwSetting(settingName, value):
    wwwSettingsFileName = util.addSlash(config['wwwPath']) + 'userSettings.json'
    if os.path.exists(wwwSettingsFileName):
        wwwSettingsFile = open(wwwSettingsFileName, 'r+b')
    if config['dataLogging'] == 'active':
        # create directory for the data if it does not exist
        dataPath = util.addSlash(util.addSlash(config['scriptPath']) + 'data/' + beerName)
        wwwDataPath = util.addSlash(util.addSlash(config['wwwPath']) + 'data/' + beerName)

src/b/r/brewpi-script-HEAD/BrewPiSocket.py   brewpi-script(Download)
			self.type = 'i'
			self.file = util.addSlash(cfg['scriptPath']) + 'BEERSOCKET'
	def __repr__(self):

src/b/r/brewpi-script-HEAD/temperatureProfile.py   brewpi-script(Download)
def getNewTemp(scriptPath):
    temperatureReader = csv.reader(	open(util.addSlash(scriptPath) + 'settings/tempProfile.csv', 'rb'),
                                    delimiter=',', quoting=csv.QUOTE_ALL)
    temperatureReader.next()  # discard the first row, which is the table header
    prevTemp = None

src/b/r/brewpi-script-HEAD/testTerminal.py   brewpi-script(Download)
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
    print >> sys.stderr, 'Using default config path ./settings/config.cfg, to override use : %s <config file full path>' % sys.argv[0]
    configFile = util.addSlash(sys.path[0]) + 'settings/config.cfg'
    configFile = sys.argv[1]