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src/b/r/brewpi-script-HEAD/brewpi.py   brewpi-script(Download)
    configFile = util.addSlash(sys.path[0]) + 'settings/config.cfg'
config = util.readCfgWithDefaults(configFile)
dontRunFilePath = config['wwwPath'] + 'do_not_run_brewpi'

src/b/r/brewpi-script-HEAD/programArduinoFirstTime.py   brewpi-script(Download)
# global variables, will be initialized by startBeer()
hexFile = config['wwwPath'] + 'uploads/brewpi-uno-revC.hex'

src/b/r/brewpi-script-HEAD/BrewPiProcess.py   brewpi-script(Download)
        if cfg:
            cfg = cfg[0]  # add full path to config file
        bp.cfg = util.readCfgWithDefaults(cfg)
        bp.port = bp.cfg['port']

src/b/r/brewpi-script-HEAD/testTerminal.py   brewpi-script(Download)
    sys.exit('ERROR: Config file "%s" was not found!' % configFile)
config = util.readCfgWithDefaults(configFile)
print "***** BrewPi Windows Test Terminal ****"