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src/v/d/vdsm-HEAD/vdsm/clientIF.py   vdsm(Download)
    def _loadBindingJsonRpc(self):
        from BindingJsonRpc import BindingJsonRpc
        from Bridge import DynamicBridge
        ip = config.get('addresses', 'management_ip')
        port = config.getint('addresses', 'json_port')
        truststore_path = None
        if config.getboolean('vars', 'ssl'):
            truststore_path = config.get('vars', 'trust_store_path')
        conf = [('tcp', {"ip": ip, "port": port})]
        self.bindings['json'] = BindingJsonRpc(DynamicBridge(), conf,

src/v/d/vdsm-HEAD/tests/apiTests.py   vdsm(Download)
    # Bridge imports the API module so we must set up the fake API first
    import Bridge
    bridge = Bridge.DynamicBridge()
    # Support parallel testing.  Try hard to find an open port to use