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src/b/r/bridge-python-HEAD/examples/chat/chatserver.py   bridge-python(Download)
  def join(self, room, password, obj, callback):
    if password == "secret123":
      print ('Welcome!')
      # new: join channel using the client's objects
      bridge.join_channel(room, obj, callback=callback)

src/b/r/bridge-python-HEAD/examples/channels/server.py   bridge-python(Download)
  def join(self, channel_name, obj, callback):
    # Passing false means the client cannot write to the channel
    bridge.join_channel(channel_name, obj, False, callback)
  def join_writeable(self, channel_name, secret_word, obj, callback):
    # Passing true means the client can write to the channel as well as read from it
    if secret_word == "secret123":
        bridge.join_channel(channel_name, obj, True, callback)