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src/b/r/broctl-HEAD/BroControl/plugins/ps.py   broctl(Download)
        if not nodes:
            self.message("No nodes given.")

src/b/r/broctl-HEAD/BroControl/plugins/TestPlugin.py   broctl(Download)
        foo = self.getOption("foo")
        self.message("TestPlugin: Test initialized")
        self.message("TestPlugin: The value of foo is: %s" % foo)
        self.message("TestPlugin: The current value of bar is: %s" % self.getState("bar"))
        for n in self.nodes():
                self.message("TestPlugin: mykey is: %s" % n.test_mykey)
                self.message("TestPlugin: mykey is: %s" % n.test_mykey)
            except AttributeError:
                self.message("TestPlugin: mykey is not set")
        for h in self.hosts():