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BufferFile: indexed object which maps to buffers in an underlying file object

src/b/p/BplusPy-1.0/BplusPy/xBplusTreeBytes.py   BplusPy(Download)
import types, string, BufferFile, BplusTreeBytes, BplusTreeLong
from BplusTreeLong import BplusTreeException, BplusTreeBadKeyValue, BplusTreeKeyMissing, ENCODER, DECODER
def Initialize(treefilename, blockfilename, KeyLength,

src/b/p/BplusPy-1.0/BplusPy/LinkedFile.py   BplusPy(Download)
"Chunked singly linked file with garbage collection."
import string, BufferFile, types

src/b/p/BplusPy-1.0/BplusPy/BplusTreeLong.py   BplusPy(Download)
import string, BufferFile, codecs, types
class BplusTreeException(RuntimeError):

src/b/p/BplusPy-1.0/BplusPy/testing.py   BplusPy(Download)
keylength = 20
import BufferFile, StringIO, LinkedFile, os, BplusTreeLong, sys, BplusTree, string, xBplusTree, hBplusTree
from BplusTree import ENCODER, DECODER