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An always available standard library with often needed keywords.

`BuiltIn` is Robot Framework's standard library that provides a set
of generic keywords needed often. It is imported automatically and
thus always available. The provided keywords can be used, for example,
for verifications (e.g. `Should Be Equal`, `Should Contain`),
conversions (e.g. `Convert To Integer`) and for various other purposes
(e.g. `Log`, `Sleep`, `Run Keyword If`, `Set Global Variable`).

Many of the keywords accept an optional error message to use if the keyword
fails. Starting from Robot Framework 2.8, it is possible to use HTML in
these messages by prefixing them with `*HTML*`. See `Fail` keyword for
a usage example. Notice that using HTML in messages is not limited to
BuiltIn library but works with any error message.

src/r/o/robotframework-tools-0.1a109/ToolsLibrary.py   robotframework-tools(Download)
import robot.running
from robot.running.namespace import IMPORTER
from BuiltIn import BuiltIn
from robottools import testlibrary
BUILTIN = BuiltIn()

src/r/o/robotframework-ride-1.3/src/robotide/lib/robot/libraries/DeprecatedBuiltIn.py   robotframework-ride(Download)
BUILTIN = BuiltIn.BuiltIn()
class DeprecatedBuiltIn:

src/r/o/robotframework-ride-1.3/lib/robot/libraries/DeprecatedBuiltIn.py   robotframework-ride(Download)
BUILTIN = BuiltIn.BuiltIn()
class DeprecatedBuiltIn:

src/r/o/robotframework-2.8.4/src/robot/libraries/DeprecatedBuiltIn.py   robotframework(Download)
BUILTIN = BuiltIn.BuiltIn()
class DeprecatedBuiltIn:

src/r/i/RIDE-HEAD/lib/robot/libraries/DeprecatedBuiltIn.py   RIDE(Download)
BUILTIN = BuiltIn.BuiltIn()
class DeprecatedBuiltIn:

src/s/u/sublime-robot-plugin-HEAD/lib/robot/libraries/DeprecatedBuiltIn.py   sublime-robot-plugin(Download)
BUILTIN = BuiltIn.BuiltIn()
class DeprecatedBuiltIn: