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4XSLT specific extension functions (i.e. ones that create a node set)

Copyright 2005 Fourthought, Inc. (USA).
Detailed license and copyright information: http://4suite.org/COPYRIGHT
Project home, documentation, distributions: http://4suite.org/

src/4/s/4Suite-XML-1.0.2/Ft/Xml/Xslt/XsltContext.py   4Suite-XML(Download)
import Exslt, BuiltInExtFunctions
from Ft.Lib.Uri import UriDict
from Ft.Xml import EMPTY_NAMESPACE

src/4/s/4Suite-XML-1.0.2/Ft/Xml/XPath/Context.py   4Suite-XML(Download)
from types import ModuleType
import CoreFunctions, BuiltInExtFunctions
from Ft.Xml import XML_NAMESPACE