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src/c/o/converge-HEAD/vm/VM.py   converge(Download)
    def get_mod(self, mod_id):
        m = self.find_mod(mod_id)
        if m is None:
            self.raise_helper("Import_Exception", [Builtins.Con_String(self, mod_id)])
        return m
                return mod
        self.raise_helper("Import_Exception", [Builtins.Con_String(self, ptl_mod_id)])
            o = None
        if not allow_fail and o is None:
            self.raise_helper("VM_Exception", [Builtins.Con_String(self, \
              "Function attempting to return fail, but caller can not handle failure.")])
        if nargs < len(mand):
            if vargs:
                self.raise_helper("Parameters_Exception", [Builtins.Con_String(self, \
                  "Too few parameters (%d passed, but at least %d needed)." % (nargs, len(mand)))])
                self.raise_helper("Parameters_Exception", [Builtins.Con_String(self, \

src/c/o/converge-HEAD/vm/Bytecode.py   converge(Download)
    pc = BC_PC(mod, init_func_off)
    max_stack_size = 512 # XXX!
    mod.init_func = Builtins.Con_Func(vm, Builtins.Con_String(vm, "$$init$$"), False, pc, \
      max_stack_size, 0, num_vars, mod, None)