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Main SMS server communication class. Allows transmission of one or multiple
messages, and confirmation of delivery.

<sender> is the sender field of the message; if numeric, maximum 14 bytes,
if alphanumeric, maximum 11 bytes.

<msg_class> is the message class. A value of 0 indicates a flash message, 2
indicates a normal SMS.

<dca> is the Data Coding Alphabet. One of '7bit', '8bit', or '16bit'.(more...)

src/b/u/BulkSMS-0.2a2/BulkSMS/CLI.py   BulkSMS(Download)
    server = BulkSMS.Server(username, password)
    server.phonebook = BulkSMS.PhoneBook.HomedirPhoneBook()

src/s/u/Surveilr-HEAD/surveilr/messaging/sms/bulksms_driver.py   Surveilr(Download)
        self.client = BulkSMS.Server(username, password, **kwargs)
    def send(self, recipient, info):