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src/t/h/thedom-HEAD/thedom/Social.py   thedom(Download)
from . import ClientSide, Factory, Layout
from .Base import Node, TextNode
from .Buttons import Link
from .Display import Image
class Tweet(Link):
    __slots__ = ()
    properties = Link.properties.copy()
    properties['hideCount'] = {'action':'hideCount', 'type':'bool', 'info':"Don't show the number of re-tweets"}
    properties['largeButton'] = {'action':'useLargeButton', 'type':'bool', 'info':'User larger tweet button size'}
    def _create(self, name=None, id=None, parent=None, html="", *kargs, **kwargs):
        Social._create(self, None, None, parent, *kargs, **kwargs)
        self.link = self.add(Link())
        self.link.attributes['rel'] = "publisher"