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Convert 7 byte string to python long

src/r/d/rdiff-backup-HEAD/rdiff_backup/iterfile.py   rdiff-backup(Download)
		if len(header) != 8:
			assert None, "Header %s is only %d bytes" % (header, len(header))
		type, length = header[0], C.str2long(header[1:])
		buf = self.file.read(length)
		if type in ("o", "e", "h"): return type, cPickle.loads(buf)
		assert len(self.buf) >= 8, "Unexpected end of MiscIter file"
		type, length = self.buf[0], C.str2long(self.buf[1:8])
		data = self.buf[8:8+length]
		self.buf = self.buf[8+length:]

src/r/d/rdiff-backup-HEAD/rdiff_backup/connection.py   rdiff-backup(Download)
		format_string, req_num, length = (header_string[0],
		if format_string == "q": raise ConnectionQuit("Received quit signal")