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Monthly temperature Series.

An instance contains a series of monthly data (in ccc-gistemp
the data are average monthly temperature values in degrees
Celsius), accessible via the `series` property.  This property
should **always** be treated as read-only; the effect of modifying
elements is undefined.

The series coveres the months from `first_month` to `last_month` month
inclusive. Months are counted from a non-existant year zero. So January,(more...)

src/c/c/ccc-gistemp-0.6.1/CCCgistemp/tool/gio.py   ccc-gistemp(Download)
            country_code = name[-3:]
            uid = "%3s%09d" % (country_code, ident)
            station = giss_data.Series(uid=uid)
            # TODO: Rename min_month to first_month.
            # TODO: Handle magic 1880, should use meta info!
            attr['box'] = fields[1:5]
            subbox = giss_data.Series(series=series,
              celltype=self.celltype, **attr)
            yield subbox
            line = lines[0]
            id12 = line[10:22]
            record = giss_data.Series(uid=id12)
            # Lines consists of the temperature series. Year +
        if meta and meta.get(id):
            key['station'] = meta[id]
        record = giss_data.Series(**key)
        for line in lines:
            year = int(line[11:15])
        if meta and meta.get(stid):
            key['station'] = meta[stid]
        record = giss_data.Series(**key)
        prev_line = None
        for line in lines: