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The metadata for a set of station records.

The keyword arguments for the constructor are entirely arbitrary.
The constructor accepts any keyword arguments and merely acts as a
repository.  By convention the keyword arguments are:

:Ivar mo1:
    The number of months covered in the entire data set.
:Ivar kq:
    The KQ quantity from the header record.(more...)

src/c/c/ccc-gistemp-0.6.1/CCCgistemp/tool/gio.py   ccc-gistemp(Download)
                precipitation_flag, self.max_month,
                title) = struct.unpack(self.bos + '9i80s', rec)
        self.meta = giss_data.StationMetaData(self.min_month, kq, mavg,
                monm, monm4, yrbeg, missing_flag, precipitation_flag,
                self.max_month, title)