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vischeck.py [-o offset] GLB.txt [...]

Visually check a file of global anomalies, by converting it to a Google
Chart.  A URL is output (on stdout), visit/display that URL to see the

The file arguments should be in the GISTEMP tabular format, which is the
format used for this GISTEMP file
and others.  The arguments can either be files on the local disk, or(more...)

src/c/c/ccc-gistemp-0.6.1/CCCgistemp/tool/ccc-gistemp.py   ccc-gistemp(Download)
    log("... running vischeck")
    from CCCgistemp.tool import vischeck
      [open(os.path.join('result', 'mixedGLB.Ts.ho2.GHCN.CL.PA.txt'))],