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        def get_tracks_id():
	offset = []
	data = []
	length = []
	tracklist = range(cd.start,cd.end+1)
	for i in tracklist:
		m,s,f,lenm,lens,lenf,start,tdata = get_track_length(i)
		offset.append((m, s, f))
		if i <= cd.end:		# We don't want length of CDROM_LEADOUT ;)
			length.append((lenm, lens, lenf))#0)) 	# 0 is CDAudio's way
	tracks = {'start_t':cd.start, 'end_t':cd.end, 'offset': offset, 'length': length, 'id': disc_id(offset, cd.start, cd.end), 'data': data}
	tracks['cddb'] = get_cddb_id(tracks['id'][2:-1], tracks['id'][-1])
	return tracks

src/a/c/AccordionMega-HEAD/rtmidi/pkaudio/pk/stereo/cd_logic.py   AccordionMega(Download)
def get_disc_id():
	temp = cd.get_tracks_id()
	id = temp['id']
	return int(id[0])
def get_cddb_id():
	temp = cd.get_tracks_id()
def total_tracks():
	return cd.get_tracks_id()['end_t']
	# return int(cd_info['end_t'])
	#except :