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        def skip(direction, amount=None, frames=0):
	if amount == None: amount = cd.skip
	if not frames: amount = amount*CD_FRAMES
	curmin, cursec, curfrm = get_current_timing()['abs']
	start = msf2frm(curmin,cursec,curfrm)
	"""Apply according to which direction we are skipping"""
	if direction == 1:start=start-amount
	"""See if we have the last track to play in cache, else set to last on disc"""
	if cd.last == (0,0,0):
		if cd.end == None: get_header()
		cd.last = get_track_time(cd.end)
	try: play_msf(startmin, startsec, startfrm, cd.last[0], cd.last[1], cd.last[2])
	except: pass

src/a/c/AccordionMega-HEAD/rtmidi/pkaudio/pk/stereo/cd_logic.py   AccordionMega(Download)
def jump(seconds):
	cd.skip(0, seconds)