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Additional ratio tap changer parameters common to distribution line regulators. 'tculControlMode' would always be 'volt'. If 'monitoredPhase' is not specified, then if the controlled DistributionTransformerWinding is single-phase, the PT primary is assumed to be connected across that winding, which is the normal case. If the controlled winding is three-phase, then the 'monitoredPhase' is assumed to be 'AN', unless otherwise specified. Whenever 'ctRatio' and 'ptRatio' are specified, it's customary to specify the R and X in 'volts' referred to the PT secondary circuit, otherwise R and X are in feeder primary ohms. If 'ptRatio' is not specified, then 'targetVoltage', 'limitVoltage', and 'bandVoltage' are on the feeder primary base, phase-neutral or phase-phase depending on the 'monitoredPhase'. Otherwise, these attributes are all on the PT secondary base.